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We are increasing the scope of PayPal Purchase Protection to now include coverage for intangible items. Legitimate companies should not experience any significant impact, as long as they maintain proof that the material: Having been a long time user of Paypal myself, both as a seller and a buyer, I know that the company does their best to "balance" the problem transaction investigations.

I found though, that the problems with getting refunds from sellers are best avoided simply by being familiar with the clue that Paypal provides to indicate the potential for a problem transaction.

If the billing sent to you comes from an "unverified" seller, it would be best to not proceed with the transaction. That is because Paypal uses a verification system to create an aura of "trust" for the seller signed up with them. Without it, all transactions with that particular seller is suspect. While there are other e-payment options available these days, I think that, due to the track record of Paypal, most people still see companies that transact through that system as "trustworthy" to a larger extent.

As the other e-payment channels develop, both sides can expect further developments from PayPal and similar collection agencies that try to protect both sides in some way. Major I agree that they have these automated fill out forms that come as part of their investigation process.

You are right in assuming that certain responses or actions trigger an automated response, but I do not believe it is at the same rate that you mentioned. From my experience, calling their hotline number actually gets you a human on the other end who is ready to help you out. The only problem with their hotline system is that one requires the patience of a saint to get a human on the other end because of all the hoops you have to jump through just to get that option.

I got to talk to a "human" after numerous tries and countless hours of being on "hold" who could take care of my inquiries and submission requirements. The robo system can only take them so far in removing the human element from the job. The only reason that I sound so positive about Paypal is simple. The company practically pioneered the business of e-payment collections and I have had a good relationship with them as a conduit for my salary collection. I had a rocky relationship with them when I was a seller of physical products due to the "chargeback" system.

The dispute usually got triggered because products mailed out got delayed in terms of delivery when the buyer did not opt for a courier service and requested US postal mail services instead. Top Academic Freelance Writers! Top Academic Research Services! Paying for essay writing with us is very convenient and safe.

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Aug 28,  · News for ESL Writers and Fraudsters: Big development at PayPal regarding virtual goods and services As of July 1, , PayPal will expand "Buyer Protections" to include intangibles like digital items and services.

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