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How to Write a High School Resume for College Applications

Academic Advisor Resume Template

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What should go on a college resume?

Academic Counselor Resume
The Mechanics of Listing Academic Achievements on a Resume
High School Academic Student Resume

Jane Smith is applying for a Space Canada camp counsellor position. She used her advanced mathematics skills and extracurricular interest in space and astronomy in her academic achievements on her resume to increase her chances of getting hired.

Jane Smith is applying for a Research Assistant position for the Introduction to Psychology course at her local university. She used her status as a published author in a psychology journal and her work experience in the psychology department in her academic achievements on her resume to get hired. Jane Smith is applying for an entry-level investigative reporter position at her local newspaper.

She chose to list her experience as an editor at her college newspaper, her list of published works, and the journalism scholarship she received for her graduating paper as academic achievements on her resume to help get her the job she wants. This could include anything from your test scores to awards to scholarships to being asked to lead a research study.

While there are no definitive rules for how to write academic achievements in a resume, there are general guidelines that most job seekers stick to when they add achievements in a resume.

These resume writing guidelines ensure that a hiring manager can easily read and understand why your academic achievements on your resume should matter to them. Here are five guidelines to how to list academic achievements on a resume: Your academic achievements should be formatted to be consistent with the rest of your resume.

The goal is to have a hiring manager read and appreciate the skills and abilities you have. You might be surprised how often I see resumes with mish-mashed fonts, uneven borders, mismatched colors, and different text sizes. Needless to say, these resumes are frustrating to read, which is probably the last emotion you want to evoke in a potential employer. That means that you should use a simple font like Times New Roman or Helvetica in the font size 11 to 16, depending on the type of text heading or paragraph text.

Your academic achievements, like the rest of your resume, should be clear and easy to read so that an employer can skim over the most important parts of your resume right away. Studies show that hiring managers only devote a few seconds to a few minutes to reading the vast majority of resumes, so your academic achievements should be a breeze to read over.

Hiring managers should be able to understand the most important academic achievements on your resume in a few seconds. Tailor your list to your present career goals. The academic achievements you write should be carefully selected to say something important about you as a potential employee to the hiring manager who is reading your resume. The academic achievements on a resume should also work coherently with the rest of the skills, abilities, qualifications, and work experiences listed on your resume to send a straightforward message about who you are as an employee to a hiring manager.

Ask yourself what kind of employee you are, as well as what kind of employee the employer is describing in their job posting. State the type of award, the reason it was awarded, and the year the award was received. List the clubs, organizations, volunteer opportunities and religious groups you are associated with. Create a list and put each activity in chronological order starting with the most recent.

Include information such as participation dates, positions held and awards given. List employment from most recent to oldest position held. Many students believe that employment history is not important, but it is just as important as extracurricular activities.

Jobs show that students are capable, experienced and well-rounded. This is especially true if you are a student with a long standing job. Cashier Marketplace Stores 3 years; Responsible for Always include personal references in an academic resume. Because an academic resume will be used for scholarships, it is important for the readers to know that you will have someone that will vouch for your character.

Choose your references wisely. Good references include teachers, coaches, employers, and club advisers. Do not use one of your friends. When you include a reference state her name, email address, phone number. Also, include your relationship to each other and the number of years you have been associated with each other. John Smith English Teacher: Clearly label each section of the academic resume. Proper spacing and bullet points should be used when necessary.

Proofread and edit your resume and have one or two people look it over as well. Vanessa Glass has been writing professionally since She also attended Grand Valley State University where she was a writing consultant for other students.


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An academic adviser needs to have a comprehensive academic resume to prove that he or she is capable of doing the following tasks: Create proper decisions in terms of the concerns of students Help in the improvement of different academic process. Academic resumes are difficult to combine due to their non-visual content type. These tips and templates will help transform it into a more enjoyable and easier task for all those involved. Everyone needs to develop a student resume once, the information provided here will surely help you achieve that without any trouble.

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Academic Resume Writing Tips What Is a Purpose of Your Resume? Academic resume writing should carefully be considered and planned if . An academic resume is a resume created for a specific purpose and goal. Most of the time, your academic resume will be used for scholarship applications or even university employment. Like a professional career resume, an academic resume should have a focus and personality behind it to present your academic and work.