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it pays to do your homework meaning

❶Although harder to quantify, the city will also consider indirect effects, also referred to as multiplier effects.


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Checking with references is important to vet the different views of how others feel about the work completed. Checking with a few older references also helps gauge if the work is holding up or beginning to crack, or even discolor. Dictionary and thread title search: Previous Thread Next Thread. Basicly it means that if you work hard do your homework you will be successful it will pay.

Belfast, Ireland English-Ireland top end. I see this as much more short term. Preparation is usually worthwhile. Thomas Tompion , Mar 21, Orange Blossom Senior Member U. The meaning depends somewhat on the context.

Homework can have a much broader meaning than the homework assigned by a teacher.

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Mar 21,  · In scenario 1, the people did their homework. In scenario 2, they did not. Thus, we say "It pays to do your homework." Homework can refer to any preparatory work done before actually doing what you intend. This may mean looking up company information before applying for a job there, finding out what a community is like before moving there etc.

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It Pays To Do Your Homework Meaning it pays to do your homework meaning Nov 04, The phrase/idiom do your homework refers to making careful preparations so that you know all you need to know about something and are able to In Picking Annuities, It Pays to Do Your savourugp.gag from home is becoming the environment of choice for whole swathes of the labour force/10().

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Nov 04,  · So that "It pays to do your homework" becomes: "Ti conviene fare i compiti" OR "Ti conviene essere preparato/a" NB I wrote this in 2 ways because there's the literal sense that you would say to a student or, in the second example, advising someone to be ready beforehand -- and I think this is the meaning in the OP. It Pays To Do Your Homework Meaning. it pays to do your homework meaning Or making myself it pays to do your homework meaning find it pays to do your homework meaning a flow in something I like to do?Best Do My Homework Site in the US! No signup needed.

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