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Spring Looks a Lot Like Winter

❶That to me is the biggest thing we should think about and stop because it is taking away time for our active life in sports My thought. Clearly, assignments in areas such as language arts and social studies lend themselves to the essay form more readily than do subjects such as math.

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My child has been rejected by his peers, ridiculed and bullied !!!

But the other stuff seems to be so out of line and over the top. Especially in the advanced program. Even during vacation I had to do a 5 page essay for social studies, which took up almost the whole week of my time.

That to me is the biggest thing we should think about and stop because it is taking away time for our active life in sports My thought. This leaves limited to zero time for any other extracurricular activities in our case, one sport, one orchestra, and one club.

The bedtime is being pushed further and further close to midnight, if not past. To better manage to-do and priority, we set up a whiteboard in the study room to list daily and weekly due homework for these two subjects, this past weekend there were six 6 bullet items on the board.

I was speechless but try to be positive to provide assistance. This leads me to this board and glad we are not alone. There will need to be a better coordination and balance systems in place at schools so our kids can be challenged but not drained. The average weekly time for a full time job is around 40 hours give or take, and most jobs have you do the work in the job.

Really, switch the teachers with prison guards and you have a juvenile rehabilitation center. Please read this and Email me ohockeyguy13 hotmail. Homework is more important than extracurricular activities, however we need well rounded kids and those extracurricular activities help with that. I think people who spend more than 3 hours a day are probably just fooling around too much. People who spend more than 3 hours seems more like play work than homework. SO people who are complaining parents need to consider to teach the kids how to manage their time and use it efficiently.

Teach them how to focus and how not to be distracted. My parents taught me how to focus on homework and now homework only takes about 15 minutes. So yea do not complain if you have not tried doing these stuff yet. My first grade grandson has 2 hours of homework per night, as he had in kindergarten. As a seasoned teacher, I feel this is highly inappropriate.

His parents feel this is stressing him and not giving him time to unwind and just be a kid. The comments on this article are sad. I am a kid and I know homework is a necessity. I had undiagnosed ADD. The public education system in our country is very supportive of and practically tailored to left brained thinkers.

There are several wonderful TED videos available on youtube that help perfectly illustrate and confirm that this can be verified historically. She just very firmly believes in her decision to homeschool. And it CAN be done in just a few hours a day. Basically kids will be having one of many state testing situations going on that will take 2hrs in itself. Along with continual testing for timed reading or math test on a weekly basis. Kids are out of the class so much, band assemblies, social work, speech, OT, PT,pictures, buddy reading gym,music,art other pullouts for this and that.

I always say, a parent should sit in a classroom everyday for a week. Some do show improvement, others lack so much cause they are hardly ever in their class. I have students tell me they are not not able to do this or that because they are not in the classroom very much. I am an assistant in a classroom every day, the entire day. There is no way you can teach 30 kids science, reading, English, social studies, Spanish, physical education, music, art, along with lunch and recess within 2 hours.

Second, i agree that there is too much homework in elementary that is not truly meaningful practice. One is that repetition and revisiting the information is imperative to retention there is soooo much research on this.

Second they actually get more one on one attention and instruction when parents help them work through their homework. And third, they get to see their parents put value on education home and school must be linked. NOW, what I think should happen is that homework should be focused on reading, writing and math only, and that is should be limited to 10 questions each twice a week. It should not be every night, and it should not be every subject, and it should never be just busy work, but practice with key concepts.

Those are my two cents as a teacher myself. I completely disagree that homework is absolutely necessary in the elementary years.

By high school my stepdaughter would arrive at school at 6am for dance team practice, get home at 4: Start homework by 4: The school system held our family hostage. She could have had a fulltime job and put in less time.

She is now 25 and finds working full time easier and less exhausting than school was. I agree that the 10 min rule per grade is rediculous. But it should not be every night. There are soooooo many reasons why homework is beneficial, but the real problem here is when teachers give TOO MUCH homework, or assign things that are not important. You also need to think about the districts policy on homework. Many districts have strict rules for teachers and require them to assign a certain amount of HW.

So it is not even the teachers that are always at fault. Just think about both sides before you judge and try to compromise and understand that not all families and children are not like yours. April, I too am a teacher, 4th grade, and I so disagree with you. I think the point that many teachers and parents miss here is that the parent is supposed to be in control of the house, not the teacher, school, or government.

If the parent does not want or believe in homework then the family should feel safe in sharing that with the teacher, and not live in fear of being judged by the teacher. Teaching our youth is a team effort.

Try it on for size sometime, instead of your own beliefs on the matter ask your parents. So instead like the one comment, they do the homework for the child in secret so as not to have to deal with you. Listen to your parents. The kids you teach belong to them. We teachers work for them. I also tell my 4th graders and their parents that I believe in science and until science shows me that homework leads to better grades, test scores, and or learning, I will continue not to assign homework.

My students are expected to read every day, and practice spelling for no more than min. My parents thank me constantly for giving them peaceful tear free evenings, where they can be free to work on family skills, chores, relaxation, and just to be free of one more very stressful thing in their super busy lives.

If they want more I am able to suggest tons of free learning sites, math programs, etc. That is up to them, the parent, again these are their kids. Not one study has shown that homework does any good in grade school and to the contrary has shown ill effects.

I mean no disrespect for the teachers who believe homework is the only way, I just ask us to take another look at it, and be partners with the parents. I wanted to major in singing and dancing, but my inability to multiply exponents took that away. Thanks to homework, me and half of my friends have anxiety so bad they had to shove drugs in us.

Also, please do not advertize homeschool as the only viable option, as you might want to check your privilege on this one: You are in the minority, and quite privileged, to have this option available to you.

Here is what that teacher does that you did not have to as a homeschool teacher: I am a middle and upper school teacher at a private school. I have a great job and understanding administrators. Still, I get to work at 7: Have a little perspective. I agree with you. Third grade home work has parents talk about behaviors and learning how to interact with other kids, once a week. The rest of the night they are outside playing. Yes, I make sure the kids also get hours of sleep each night.

Not every kid gets math and reading and needs help with one on one practice at home. They are all not cookie cutter personalities. It just gives them an extra 20 minutes of play time each night. Not a huge sacrifice. Your child may benefit from this freedom, but they may not. This is the method my school uses for my kindergartner and first grader.

I work full time. So my kids are dropped at daycare at 7 am and picked up at 5. Kids need time to be kids! It also makes me the enemy in my own home. Then the homework is silly! Could I quit my job? I have a child that is in grade six. It is now Nov. And my childs class is on there third teacher. The other two teachers left for personal reasons. My question to anyone is ,is it mandatory to have homework??

Because I was told that my childs teacher will not be giving out no homework at all. This teacher said that it is not needed at all to her students. Does not believe in giving out homework. That really bothered me as a parent. Not to mentioned it was brought up in front of my child. I believe it completely discourages my child to study and do homework in the future when she hits high school. I believe homework prepares them from what is to come in higher grades.

Iam from Vancouver Canada. It should be documented on the school website either in the student handbook or the code of conduct. In fact, research shows an adverse effect. Our approach is very different. Our kids do a great deal of extra learning, including art classes, piano, reading, and learning-based programs after school.

Hope that answers your question. Most teachers would be glad to point you to additional resources you can try at home. Different families and schools take different approaches to preparing kids for high school when they are in grades Grade 6 is still young and your child has learning to do in other directions. She is Dyslexic, has Dysgraphia and the bones in her hands are older than her chronological age. We are still investigating the hand issues.

This concept is so logical. You are right on target. College classes were enjoyable…homework got done. Many children lack the family interaction and proper rest which are so necessary for successful learning. Send that letter ASAP! It can be so hard to value rest and family time.

Successful learning is a complex mix of life. What a refreshing philosophy in this day and age. Good for you for challenging the collective wisdom of public education. I received my copy of your book the other day and am looking forward to reading it, once I get my current book finished. Best of luck with the book and its promotion. Refreshing to hear — scary to do! I taught middle and elementary school for thirty-two years. Heather is exactly right!!!!!!!!!!! In the elementary school this was my philosophy and I had to endlessly defend it.

I did not have trouble with parents or children but with many of my fellow teachers and administrators. I had high expectations for my students and expected them to work hard for the six hours I taught them. Family time is precious. Lessons in the fine arts, religion, sports are not provided to any great extent by schools.

Many educators feel assigning a lot of homework makes them look like they are doing their job and or are good teachers. Most homework is just checked in and sometimes not even that. There were times my students individually chose to do work at home for fun and bring it in. I got poems, pictures of stories we had read, math problems etc … all student produced. I would always check it and high five them.

I read the book, No Homework…it makes sense. I was so happy to read this blog. I have been teaching for 5 years now, 5th and 6th grade. I have high expectations for my students, but there are those who, no matter what is done, do not do their work at school in the classroom, even with a variety of assignments to meet each learning style.

There seems to be a huge lack of parental support. How can I avoid assigning homework if work is not being done in the classroom? Heather sounds like she is supporting whatever the teachers are doing in class. Homework now, does not guarantee admittance to Harvard, or an amazing career, or a financially successful one. Personal responsibility is what it comes down to. Not what makes the schools or politicians look good. When my son comes home with homework that is really homework for ME because it requires so much help , I resent it.

I am a parent who reads to my children. So to be told I need to read to my children each week in the homework letter, really irks me. Thank you to Heather for a great letter. Best of luck with your own letter. We are the best advocates for our children, and true educators will be your allies. It is not your fault, problems at home most likly incest or other horror at home. If nothing is wrong with home then the child most likely has a disability or is just bad.

Karen, great to hear from you! Good for you in taking your no-homework stance, and too bad you were constantly on the defense.

Sounds as if your students learned tons and had down time to explore their own interests — like poetry! There are several good books presenting in-depth research against homework: Just wanted to let you know that I love this!

I say yea for no homework! Yes, individual teachers can make all the difference. Enjoy his third grade year together! Kids are expected to do the work at school, then enjoy what they want to when school is out.

And there are learning opportunities in every aspect of life. We do read every day, just as you do. I am going to email my daughters teacher telling her that 1. If her grades start to decline, which I doubt highly would happen, then I will allow another minutes. Thank you for sharing this. Did that effect their grades? Did you notice any difference in their schoolwork? We home school and are usually done with our assignments by soon after lunch.

I can not even imagine making my kids sit through an evening of homework after school, farm work and part time jobs. They would have to give up sleeping to get it all done. Glad you are willing to go against the popular views to do what is best for your kids.

You are a rare breed and I applaud you. Thinking the same thing Becki. This sounds like a family who would LOVE learning together! Please consider it, and give it a try. Bet your whole family will love it but if not, you can always go back to government school. I did all those things as a child and did homework too. Whether you agree or not, it is what it is. I think it just takes us opening our eyes and seeing that there are other ways. Not trying to be argumentative; just trying to say that homework is not necessarily the only way to do that.

Also, when I was growing up, my public elementary school offered in the class day, gym, music, and art. My local school offers 45 minutes of art once every two weeks certainly not music and gym. A child must do after school tree climbing time classes in order to have the school experience that I had during the school day. The amazingly, shockingly low test scores country wide speak to how successful piling the expectation of learning more and more, and taking more and more time to do it, is actually working.

I would recommend you read The Myth of the Spoiled Child to grasp a different idea of the perceived need for learning self discipline at an early age. Putting a child through the hell of unnecessary homework is not the answer. Why go through suffering to learn how to cope with potential suffering later. Make school fun and they will want to come. Also, consider Flipped learning, sending home a 5 minute video to watch instead of 20 mins of homework.

That way the child and the parent can learn together. Think about it, not all parents can do maths etc. Flipped learning gives you more time in the school day. Looking into new methods of learning can really free up lesson time and make it easier for all involved, you just have to think long term.

Apologies for the lack of proper punctuation in my previous post. Force our children to do homework! Well, are we proud? As a special education teacher who has taught High School and Early Childhood programs, I have to agree with you. Research shows that children who are allowed to PLAY do better academically in later years than those who face academic focus in early years preK-3rd grade especailly. The public school system in America is not set up that way for reasons that I cannot even begin to touch on, however if more parents would take a stand such as yours, our children would be much better learners throughout their school years.

That is all great but reality is our national leaders believe our teachers are not doing a good job and so now our jobs—paychecks— are based on what your child does on the end of the year test.

I am thrilled that you encourage reading at home as reading is the foundation to all subjects and in the working world. If we had more parents like you to take a stand against our POLITICANS and get them to get rid of their riduculous laws added in the last 20 years —-we could have more class time when they give us back the right to discipline the class behavior problems and the special education programs could do their jobs.

Right now every one is having to do extra documenting of everything including why they teach what they do????? I am rambling better stop. Would like to talk more. Teachers are constantly under fire for not doing a good enough job. As a teacher, I realize that there is a life outside of the school day and I try to be sensitive to that when assigning homework. Meaningful homework should be an extension of the school day.

Reading and writing outside of the school day is a really good thing, because it teaches young kids to find a purpose for reading and writing other than just school but for enjoyment. I personally think you should be careful. What are you teaching your children? You can not dictate how that time is utilized. We [teachers] do what we are told, and really have no voice. So, make sure you know who you are voting for, and what their policies are on education.

More rigorous standards, or just raising achievement standards on standardized tests, is not the answer to a more fulfilling and meaningful education. They will tell you what they think. That is a shame, if you want my honest opinion. And, I was that kid who cried at homework. I worked and worked, and by the time I was in high school things got better. I now have two masters degrees now, and am working on a PhD. Parents really have no clue of the stress, pressure, etc.

Sit down with paper and drilling information only works for a small portion of kids. My teacher training said there were at least 7 different learning styles. Furthermore, some things such as reading and espeically Math require ongoing practice and drilling that, performed during the school day, would take too much time away from instruction time.

And if the homework assigned is meant to be an intro to a project or some other function of class room time the next day, what then? Your child goes to school unprepared. You may be better off a allowing kids to play and eat dinner and get a break before homework time and b reviewing assignments ahead of time for value to weed out busy work. Not all skills are needed for someone to be valuable, and some of our priorities as a society are questionable more investment bankers, anyone?

I wonder if— instead of non-teachers arguing about whether teachers are doing their jobs and teachers arguing about how the job they chose takes up too much time—we should bring the discussion up the chain a bit and reexamine whether what they are expected to do is reasonable and effective.

I value it because it was something my parents valued and something they were very invested in having me value as well. Please please do not assume it is the teachers fault. Blaming the teacher and saying standu to the teacher is such a horrible horrible thing to say.

You should be supporting your kids teachers and standing up to the politicians and school boards. There are some bad teachers out there but please stop making this a war against all teachers that assign homework.

If you want to make a change then write a letter to the super intendent or the governor. But stop ganging up on teachers that put sooooooo much time, love, and energy and give up time with their own kids to teach yours.

And go thank a teacher. Mark Twain said he never let education interfere with his learning. I would say any activity that requires the student to practice a standard that they have not yet mastered.

If the student has already mastered the standard I believe there is no reason for that student to be required to practice. I have that Mark Twain quote on my wall. No matter how much some kids practice, they may not master the standards within a week, a month or a year or two years…. So with your definition, kids who have learning disabilities would just need to do tons more homework?

Back in the s, my grandparents never had homework, not even in high school. They had chores, yes, but they were also allowed to be kids, and they never forgot that. I completely agree with you! I have been an Early Childhood Educator since and have a play-based learning philosophy!

The job of the child is to play, and the job of the adults in their lives is to make sure play happens! Regardless of their age! Parents need to play more too! I would love to review your new book on my blog! Please email me at aandsrempel yahoo. They provide adequate time during class so if the child needs help to understand how to do something they can help them.

I love that you are defending your kids right to be kids. My hubby has been saying this for years. We now have an almost 3 year old and a 4 month old and will probably be taking this stance. I am so torn already about homework. My daughter just started kindergarten full day, btw , and they send a homework packet home on Monday that is due on Friday.

I was the one stressed out about it!! My husband was away, my 2 year old son was getting into everything, and I was the one that ended up losing it. The school also does a program called the book challenge so there is a minute reading requirement also. This is not so difficult as reading is readily done in our house, but add it to everything else, and it really is a lot!! We are all effected by the need to get it done.

It is a trend. A statement form the teachers that children are not ready to perform in school so young. I was appalled when my grandchild flunked kindergarten. What kind of negative effect does that place on a child just getting started??!! It is very damaging to keep someone back to be one year older then all the others, home schooling would be a better option so he will not suffer that being a year older for the next 12 years. Those kept back once are sometimes kept back again later so will be 2 years behind.

They get spelling words and maybe a short reading assignment or something but never more than 15 or 20 minutes worth for the week. It was strange to me, but it is nice since our kids are involved in after school activities and church. Wow — thanks for all your comments. I can see this topic strikes a chord with families everywhere — no matter what your stance. If you are a firm believer in play for young children, come visit my website http: I feel the same way you do about homework.

It has caused us so many problems. My boys hate the homework-most of it is busy work. It does make them hate school. My only comment as a second grade teacher is to not send a letter, but to request a time to talk with the teacher either on the phone or in person to talk it over.

This is a great post! I do have a question or two. What about special projects or reports that may be assigned? Do you have your children do them? If not, how is their grade affected? Kids should not have time for homework after school! Heather — I am so proud of you!!

My son, now 39 was going to flunk second grade for the second time, when a school nurse advised me to put him in a pilot program. Keith was tested with an IQ of The new school had an open door policy.

They took all the walls out of the class rooms. First graders could study with fifth graders and reverse. Kids became tutors to each other. The students choose the area of study for the year.

Giving the student respect and responsibility, giving them charge of their own education gave the kids an opportunity to grow. Keith excelled in the new school. In Arizona we have charter schools. Most have smaller classes and specific areas of study.

I know that is not the answer, but it is a start. I believe it will be parents like you that correct the mess we have made of our children education. Sorry public school teachers. Parents need to speak up via their vote to tell politicians that NCLB is in fact leaving many child behind and is not the answer. I was a teacher for almost 30 years but at the high school level where homework was the norm.

This topic is an important one that relates to the qualtiy of the school day and education for life. I have been following the news on the Chicago teacher strike and am myself very much in sympathy with them. Teachers have been dealing with very different and very stressful demands under the No Child Left Behind mandate and are now facing even more stringent requirements regarding testing.

Some of your readers are teachers — equally concerned with offering your children a quality education—but their hands may be tied. If you really want to make an impact, you should be directing your concerns to the school board, the administration, the Department of Education, The President, etc.

Heather, and all the readers—where do you stand with the Chicago teachers? Do you see the connection? Tracy, Very well said! I agree with you about those who berate the education system are not well educated. Most of the time the homework requirements are not up to the teacher, but a higher level of authority. I strongly believe the teachers hands are tied. So those children that do excel are hindered, because of those that do not.

I loved reading this article. My son has just started secondary school. He is supposed to get between 45 minutes to 1 and a half hours a day homework. He finishes at 3. He wants to do this as then home time is home time. He wants to come home and do what he wants. I like this idea too. I think it would have been helpful for him to have had 10 minutes homework a day in his last year of junior school.

My girls both have their own variety pack of special needs. Homework was always such a struggle! Without homework, the girls were free to LEARN at home they were not learning anything from the homework! She spent 5 hours in a classroom with my daughter, which allowed her to hear her answers to questions as well as see all her written work IN class!

Based on grade 4 40 minutes per day guidelines gak 7 days per week that would be 4 hours and 40 minutes of work. We have been home-learning for 3 years now. My girls are loving those clubs and lessons and sports that they missed out on in their early elementary years. I have the pleasure of watching my children grow and learn and take JOY in their educational pursuits! One has discovered a passion for ancient history, and spends hours each week on that alone.

The other daughter is into all things science, especially geology and botany. One day in the middle of summer…. I can see with that much homework I would agree with you. He has english once a week that should take no more than 25 minutes and maths similar. So we have chance to do that over the weekend my 6 year old daughter has maths for about 15 mins and some spellings so they sit together and do it as well as all the very important things you describe.

Definitely in favour of free play, plus we read daily, my son has music practice, we all eat together and bed is 7. You would be surprised how many parents actually WANT their children to have homework! My kids work hard the whole day and they need time to be a kid. Thanks for sharing this. I wonder as your children grow if it will change.

I too, used to complain about their homework at such a young age. However, with age, comes wisdom. I know my views now are very different now than when first one started school. That is not enough time to teach them what they need to learn. I do give him sometime to "breathe" like an hour. During that time, he is either playing with Legos or playing on the computer or even playing a video game or drawing.

That is his time to "regroup" so then we can proceed. Well it is not happening. Yesterday and this by the way has been going on like "forever" some days better than others. But he knows at tiimes what he is saying and others because he heard it elsewhere. I love my son sooooooooo very much. I want him to accomplish all of his studies and to be able to so for himself in the future.

He has a varied curiosity for alot of things. His faveorite subject is Science. Trains anything with wheels. He is thriving though once he gets home So I help him then he is at ease. Though at tiimes he wants me to do his assignments. Though he is bright but a bit lazy and i jsut want him to thrive in his academic endeavors and flourish each day.

My sons teacher made a binder with various sections like behavior, homework, missed work, and all the classroom rules and procedures are in it. I love it there is also a place for us to write back and forth. My nine year old son knows he needs to do his homework What a great article! Homework can be a nightmare for my 8 year-old and I. He is pretty high functioning in many ways so it can be hard to tell what he is capable of and what is too much.

I also notice he is more likely to act our and take longer to do his andssignments with me than with my ex. Ask him to speak what hes writing and he sounds like a professor.

Aspergers Children and Homework Problems. A major cause of agony for Aspergers high functioning autistic students, their parents and educators is the unsatisfactory completion of homework. These children often have an emotional reaction to the mere thought of having to start their homework — and have difficulty completing assigned tasks.

There may be two explanations for this: As with their classroom peers, a youngster with Aspergers has to learn the traditional educational curriculum, but they encounter additional learning experiences and sources of stress than do other kids in their class. They have an additional curriculum, namely the social curriculum. They have to use their intellectual reasoning to determine the social rules of the classroom and the playground.

Other kids do not have to consciously learn social integration skills, but Aspergers kids have to decipher the social cues and codes and cognitively determine what to do and say in social situations. Often their primary feedback is criticism for an error with little recognition from others when they make the correct response. Learning only from your mistakes is not the most efficient way to learn.

Thus, Aspergers kids have to concentrate on an extra curriculum that leaves them intellectually and emotionally exhausted at the end of the school day. They also have difficulty reading and responding to the emotional signals of the educator and other kids, coping with the complex socializing, noise and chaos of the playground, the unexpected changes in the school routine and the intense sensory experiences of a noisy classroom.

Throughout the school day, they rarely have an opportunity to relax. It is essential that teachers recognize the degree of stress experienced by Aspergers students, as the signs can become evident in their behavior and mood.

The signs include the youngster who is described as a Dr. Hyde in that the indicators of stress are not conspicuous at school, but the youngster is a very different character at home. They may be quiet and compliant in the classroom, but intolerant and aggressive immediately they return home. Some Aspergers kids become extremely anxious in the morning before going to school, and school refusal or walking out of school can be a sign of unbearable stress.

Other kids can express the signs at school by episodes of extreme anxiety or anger, with incidents of panic or disruptive and explosive behavior. Others suffer chronic stress, which contributes to a clinical depression. Kids with Aspergers who are having difficulty learning the social curriculum and coping with the stress of school often explain that they want a clear division between home and school.

Their general view is "school is for learning, and home is for fun or relaxation. Kids with Aspergers have an unusual profile of cognitive skills that must be recognized and accommodated when they are undertaking academic work at school and home. One aspect of the profile is impaired executive function. The profile is similar to that of kids with ADD in that they can have difficulty planning, organizing and prioritizing, a tendency to be impulsive and inflexible when problem solving and poor working memory.

Other features include a difficulty generating new ideas, a need for supervision and guidance and determining what is relevant and redundant as well as poor time perception and time management. There is also the likelihood of an unusual profile on standardized tests of intelligence, especially with regard to verbal and visual intelligence.

The educator knows how to adapt the curriculum for a youngster with Aspergers, but this knowledge and service are not usually available at home. The following range of strategies are designed to minimize the impaired executive function, accommodate their profile of cognitive skills, and help Aspergers youngsters complete their homework assignments with less stress for the youngster and family.

Sometimes the homework can take hours when the teacher intended only several minutes on a specified task. A timer can be used to remind the youngster how much time is remaining to complete each section of homework.

If it does, they may have priority use of the video recorder and can watch the program after their homework. If regular breaks are necessary to promote concentration, the work can be divided into segments to indicate how much work the youngster has to complete before they can take a momentary break. The usual mistake is to expect too much prolonged concentration. The area where the youngster works must be conducive to concentration and learning.

The distractions can be visual such as the presence of toys or television, which are a constant reminder of what the youngster would rather be doing or auditory distraction such as the noise from electrical appliances and the chatter of siblings.

Ensure the working surface only has equipment relevant to the task. Their working environment must also be safe from curious siblings. The educator can highlight key aspects of the homework sheet, written material and questions so that the youngster knows which aspects are relevant to their preparation of the assignment. They can ask the youngster to formulate their plan before commencing the assignment to ensure their work is coherent and logical, especially if the homework is an essay.

If the Aspergers youngster has difficulty remembering exactly what was set for homework and remembering relevant information during homework, a characteristic of impaired executive function, a solution is to buy an executive toy. Another strategy is to have the telephone number of another youngster in the class to ask them for the relevant information. A homework diary and planner can help the youngster remember which books to take home and the specific homework for each evening.

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Whichever steps are taken to get a defiant "Aspie" to do homework, there are some things all moms and dads must keep in mind when managing these difficult homework situations. Please join the PTO in their annual Charleston Wrap Fundraiser. This is a fun and easy way to kick off the momentum for the school year and there are FUN incentives!!

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Or, at least, not for hours every night. Believers in homework say it teaches soft skills like responsibility and good study habits. A major cause of agony for Aspergers (high functioning autistic) students, their parents and educators is the unsatisfactory completion of homework.