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❶I have extensive experience to completed approximately projects very effectively and successfully.

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Service quality becomes the crucial issue for hospitality industry and the theory of service quality has evolved over long period of time through testing and trials in service sector.. The demanding customers and increased sense of customer satisfaction led to the use of the new service parameters making hoteliers to implement quality management as an effective aid.

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Service quality literature is predominantly concerned with the customer's perspective; there is a scarcity in the amount of research concerning the staff's perspective: '…there is something of a paucity of published research on the support staff's perspective' (Reynoso, and Moores , p).

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LITERATURE REVIEW SERVICE QUALITY AND CUSTOMER SATISFACTION IN KFC CHAINSTORES The purpose of this study is investigating the service quality of KFC chain stores and how the service quality affect customer satisfaction based on the theory of “service quality” and “customer satisfaction” and the Customer satisfaction survey in website: Key words: Service Quality, Customer Satisfaction, Consumer behavior INTRODUCTION A LITERATURE REVIEW OF SERVICE QUALITY AND CUSTOMER SATISFACTION Akram Jashireh Department of Management and Accounting, College of Humanities, Islamic Azad university of Hamedan Branch,Hamedan, Iran.

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ก 98 (˘ ˇ- ˙ ˇ˘ ˇ ) 79 LITERATURE REVIEW OF SERVICE QUALITY IMPROVEMENT IN THE RETAIL BANKING INDUSTRY savourugp.gamphol Chaoprasert*. Service quality in healthcare establishments: a literature review 11 specific attributes or cues, while satisfacti on involves a wider range of determinants, including .